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Trash Degrees??

Employable university degrees or trash degrees

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Job Opportunity...

"We are looking for a person with Degree in ... with a minimum work experience of 5 years to fill the position of ..."

We have come across this adverts now and then as youths every time we are at a site advertising job opportunities and we wonder how one will fit in the job as we have the required degrees but we don't have the necessary working experience,

I have interviewed an HR and they were telling me that the reason why most companies avoid employing fresh Graduates is because they are looking at a span of how the recruit will fit into the company and it may take long for even adapting to the environment of the company. And secondly there is a training required to be done to a recruit but for how long will the training last and how much money is being allocated for training. Training is expensive and if most companies would show you the receipts of how much they spend on training, you will be in much shock.

So this question arises, why are we spending much money and time on education. Why do we go to even do masters if for sure this degrees are not giving us jobs.

But I will till you a lot of things for free; we are forced to do a certain course because "NANI" who is your neighbor has done the same course and you see that there is a lot of cash that they are making, We do not even for once sit down and consider our passions. I have seen a lot of people lamenting about their degrees and funny enough including me. For example: I have studied Diploma in Electrical Engineering. But for sure that is not my passion and am not ashamed to say this. My passion involves Radio Presenting, Cooking or Graphic and Web designing. But why did I do this course; I was told it is a technical course and one cannot stay without a job if I am in this career.

And two have you met any person with a degree and hear them boasting about their particular degree. You find that someone has done Media and you telling them that there is an opportunity somewhere in plumbing and they should grab their hands on them, you will hear " I am not meant to do any plumbing with my degree in Media". We keep on boasting about our particulate degrees and yet we cannot put anything on the table. Also when we go to school we are not taught on how to create an employment; in fact we are taught how to get employed and that is the second mistake that I will blame schools and teachers. So what do we do to curb job insecurity and unemployment?

We should do anything and everything that comes on our way considering that we are putting our hands on certain experiences. With that, we can later be people out of that little something that you have done. I am not saying that people should not study mark you, actually we should put our minds in studies but we should practice the things we are studying in order to get our hands on experience. Have that little project that will give you experience and mark you as a potential candidate in the job market. And let our minds be more of opportunity creation not getting employed. Put that degree in action then opportunities will come. For example, if you are doing degree in photography, take pictures now and then, post them on your social media accounts and let people book you and buy you photos. You will see that you will not need to get employed. You will be making your own money and later on you can open a photography class and agency to create an employment and you will thank me later.


Your's Truly

Albato (Robert Mwendwa)

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