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Nipsey Hussle Pronounced Dead

controvery behind Nipsey's Death

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Nipsey Hussle Dead

So April 1st is here and as we all know, this is the day of fooling some folks around. But this time of the year (2019) things happened real fast and quite different.

We all woke up and found some sad news that there was a shooting outside Nipsey Hussle's Clothing store and Nipsey was shot dead. Obvious knowing its April's fools day peeps thought that "Naaah!!! We are being fooled. We know that he will confirm the news as fake news by the end of the day" but surprisingly enough as the day grew to be older, the more the story spread like some sort of some wild fire.

Then came videos (which are extremely sad that I can't even post up here) confirming that he was shot dead along two others who were seriously injured in the process. Then came the R.I.P messages to the late Hit Rapper of Victory Lane.

Then came this news that the Crown Rapper's death had a lot of controversy on it. We later came to find out that there was a documentary that he was about to release and it revolved the death of a "Black" (Not to sound like Racist) Dr by the name Dr Sebi who claimed that he found the cure of AIDS and later on after some time he was caught up dead. In some interview, Nipsey said it is so sad that a black man is dead shortly after he exposed that he had the cure of AIDS. Then later came the story of his death was gang affiliated. I mean a lot of drama is surrounding the death of the said rapper. Do we know really the cause of the shooting? We don't know for sure but it is so sad that many rappers are dying through gunshots like for example that of XXXTantasion.

One thing though we know that there is a cure to AIDS out there and Nick Cannon has vowed to finish the documentary by Nipsey Hussle.


So the real question is: Is Nick Cannon the next victim?

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