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Mwalimu Rachel

Best Radio Presenter n Mc.

· Entertainment,Radio Presenter,Homeboyz Radio

Mwalimu Rachel,

What do I have to say about her, she is a bunch of alot and I mean a lot.

Mwalimu Rachel is a radio presenter and mc for events. But I can't go without talking about her radio show which is #class124 on Homeboyz Radio 103.5 every Monday to Friday from 1p.m to 4p.m.

But there is more to the show than what you think.Mwalimu Rachel acts as a teacher on a normal class which tends to be her show.Creativity; I know right?

The thing about her is she is the best presenter that ever existed. This is the reason, she relates to the youths and that gives her a better platform to engage on the show. And for this,she tends too to be called to events to be an mc. Recently we saw her on Blaze summits as an MC and all I keep on wondering is, How did she become the part?

But people you need to check her out so as to see if I am talking the truth. You already know where to find her? HomeboyzRadio is it.

Mwalimu Rachel it is time to talk the truth, you inspire me Alot.

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