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Depression in MEN

Causes of depression in men

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So there is a documentary that BBC did some time back about depression in men and they visited a town in Nyandarua. The title of the documentary was "Are Kenyan Men in Crisis?" which is a topic that is so hard to tackle.

In the documentary they first visit a home where a man has just done suicide and his brother is forced to identify his body which he struggles to do.

at the same time there is news that there is another suicide attempt where there is another man and his son ends up trying to commit suicide.

I swear after watching the video you will shed into tears. So begs the question: why are many men committing suicide. Ni kuchoka wanaume wamechoka sana ama? Mbona kuana least death suicides in women?

Then the chief of Nyandarua organizes the meeting to discuss mbona mandume wanajimada sana. SO the ideas that came ni kama:

  • Men are "supposed" to be strong and are show their strength so they end up keeping their buden to themselves which after some time wanafeel like they cannot take it no more.
  • Mwanaume anaona his family wakisuffer and because he has no ability to help anaona baaas!!!! That is the end.
  • Mwanaume kusema shida zake it's a sign of weakness.
  • Stress Mwanaume anapewa with his wife or family

To clear the waves, mwanaume kushare their problem is not a sign of weakness. Actually it is a sign of heroism. Obviously when carrying a lot of burden becomes heavy at times and finally it tires someone. What do they say: "A problem shared is a problem half solved". Mwanaume usikalie mashida zako go out and talk out your problems to someone and if you are afraid of telling your friend..then there is this option:

Red Cross have come up with this helpline where they are ready to talk to you any time of the day that is 24/7 so you can call them on 1199 and what's more their services are free of charge. So don't be afraid people are out here ready to help you out.

lets us fight this disease that is Depression cause it kills.

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