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Energy Conservation

Using Resources That are Available

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Major concerns have been arising on the cost of energy. It is so saddening that huge bills come forth each and every end of the month. This gives a direct impact on everything including the economy which rises because it highly depends on the energy sector. But if you get in touch of this, I gat a solution for you.

Recently, we saw Starehe girls getting a global reward due to a science project that they had. This was all about conserving energy. We have had a huge drought season with very hot weather. But did anyone tell you we can use that drought season to our advantage? Am telling you now so pay attention.

We can use solar panels to produce energy and not just energy but huge amounts of energy which we can be used during the day. This will bring the bills to 1/2 of the total bills that we get at the end of the month.

We can use the energy we get to cook,boil water and much more. So spend a lot in buying solar panels then take a look at the impact you will have made to everything. Meanwhile, you can check this out to get what I am saying.

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