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"So I recently came out as a victim of Depression through Whatsapp groups and status and I was later invited by Rae Kiragu- A host of #JSWR every Monday to Friday 10am to 2pm on Homeboyz Radio {103.5 fm Nairobi's Home Of HipHop Culture- to come and talk about depression on air with her alongside Miss Ruby who is a host of Hiphop Culture which airs every Saturday from 7 to 9pm on the same station and apparently, she had suffered from the same mental health. She is also the founder of Unkut Mental Health which deals with everything that concerns mental health.

So my story was I have battled with Depression for a very long time and it all started with a family matter that really affected me. Then My uncle who was like a dad to me passed on. Loosing a friend later on. Work related issues then later family issues cropping up again. These are the places where I came in direct contact with Depression and in this situations, I have tried suicide with just overdosing some drugs from a chemist. Mark you this are 5 situations meaning 5 times I have tried suicide.

After sharing on some groups some people were advising me positively but others; you don't wish to imagine. Then a brother of mine from another mother (Twin Geez - who am always grateful for having) suggested I try therapy and counseling from his mother. So on 28th of March I started and was then later send for an assessment where I was to be clinically be examined my level of depression and results were not at all wanting. I was told that I am still suffering from high level of depression and that I am very fragile mostly because I have attempted 5 suicides. So this is another spot where I am coming in contact wit some fractures of depression". Kindly note that this is my real story.

That story above leads me to certain questions that I will answer here.

1. What is depression?

2. What causes depression

3. What are the signs and symptoms of depression.

4. What is the cure to depression.

Depression is a clinical mental problem that negatively affects your mood and interest in things. In short, I like to call it prolonged stress. It usually starts as common stress but ends up building for a very long time in terms of days and mostly months. Most people don't know that it can affect you through inheritance.The causes can also be Biological, psychosocial and environmental.

The signs of depressions are:

  • Feeling sad.
  • Loss of appetite
  • Feeling lonely.
  • Fatigue.
  • Loss of interest in the things that one used to previously enjoy.
  • Weight Loss.
  • Lack of concentration, delayed speech.
  • Insomnia
  • Feeling guilty or worthless.
  • And most of all, recurring suicide thought.

Good news is that there is a cure to depression. It starts from mentally accepting yourself and most of depressions are moody so one is given drugs for uplifting moods. And the best of all is communicating to someone and express the way you feel -Counseling. Expressing how you feel releases some burden that one feels and this advice is for men. But then one thing that we people who have gone through depression or we are currently going through the same fear, is being judged. And this goes to the people listening to our stories kindly don't judge us or compare problems with the ones we are sharing with you, Find a way to advice a person to make them feel better.

Lastly I am feeling great and for those who have been with me through this trial time including Homeboyz Radio and Diana, Thank you very much for being in my life. I will forever treasure you.

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