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Depression!!Depression!! Depression!!

My Life In Campus And How It Can Get Me Into Depression…

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Let’s address this animal called depression because my people are perishing because of lack of knowledge, unless we start understanding the problem we will never be able to solve it. We are trying to treat depression with therapies and counseling without first understanding its root cause. From my understanding ‘’most’’ of the people suffering from depression are between 19-29 years. Most of the people in this age group are either in college, just joined college, graduated or looking for job or few years in their first job. Let’s start from the root because this problem starts from university mostly on your first year in campus how you get oriented will define your stay in campus and how you end up after the campus period.

Let’s say you join campus at 19 years of age that means you have your ID "grown up" so you move out of your parent’s supervision either from your village or from some other town somewhere. You get accommodation in campus hostels or rent your own room depending on your parent’s pocket. Say FREEDOM...

Now you have all the time to waste and new friends to explore new staff with plenty of financial backing from parents…plus uko na ujaja ya kuitisha paro all sorts of money, nani hajawai itisha pesa ya kufungua school portal na za kununua instruments za communication skills? Now, since pesa hiko, wacha tulewe then you start smoking weed which is like a common unit in most of Kenyan universities if not all ‘’don’t ask my source because pia wewe unajua ni ukweli, who is your source?’’. Drinking, Smoking equals clubbing but when you add sex in to it, now you are- YOLOing. Wacha watu waYOLO for the next 4,5,6,7 years …. depending on the course you are taking. Before you realize it you are an addict of something or someone, you enter in to situation ship which are by the way the most dangerous and lots of abortions. Now you go full blast on all sorts of sexual indulgences lesbian,homos threesomes allsomes orgies blah blah.... you literally explore everything to do with *fornication*. Then After four years all you can remember ni vyenye bash ya Kevo ilishika venye akina Bryo na Marto walismash ule chic wakizungu mingi kwa loo na vyenye umekua ukiplay like 3guys your class with a sponsor who spoils you every weekend with your beasties and sorts of useless staff you did in campus.. Totally No practical skill to brag about and No network in the job market,

You graduate and get certificated with your second class lower division juu pia wewe ni ule msee unajua kucheza na mwaks na Google. Trouble kicks in now after parental financial backing is withdrawn, friends start disappearing sponsor has moved on to new girl in 2nd year ,bet zote zinauma nje juu ya Man U. Then tarmacking hakuna job ,remember you have No Skill and No network, From here you start having suicidal thoughts you enter in to Depression...

I don’t know from here uko stage gani but there is still hope. You were created for a purpose you did not just happen by accident. Focus on this three things and you live fulfilled life but if you are doing any of the following first ;

Stop; Fornicating

Stop; Drinking & Smoking

Stop; Gambling

Focus #1 Getting tangible Skills not just passing exams.To the graduates ;find somewhere you can gain skills ata kama hakuna payment focus on getting skills and network.

Focus#2 get side a hustle, find something you can do kupata pesa ya upkeep this is where you make use of talents don’t depend on sponsors, gambling or stealing. Just find your hustle you can do bora its Legit na inaleta dooh.

Focus#3 Get you relationships in Order.

Finally your Parents where just contracted to bring you here on Earth APPRECIATE them and Remember God created you for a reason get to know Him have an intimate relationship with Him not just going to church on Sundays but know Him let all you do be Founded on Him and lean not on your own understanding.

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